Women in sport receive roughly 1% of the global sports marketing sponsorship spend, which has created inequality and a lack of opportunity for women in many sports. In motorsport, where men and women can compete equally when afforded equal opportunities we see this funding disparity manifest with a lack of female athletes able to find the financial support.
The Shift Up Now Foundation will assist female athletes in motorsport by supplying funding that allows access to better equipment and better resources, help further their careers with opportunities to rise to, and compete in, the highest echelons of motorsport.
We believe that with equal funding, and equal opportunities, we will see more women on the podium, and winning races, allowing them the ability to climb the motorsport ladder, and inspire the next generations of racers who will follow. 

We’re working to drive change in our sport, and your donation will go directly to supporting our mission.

If you would prefer to send us a check, or would like more information, please contact us at foundation@shiftupnow.org


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